This past year I started doing work for Val who owns & creates all of the jewelry for her companies, Maverick Objects and more recently Tal & Bert. For Maverick Objects, she creates unique raw crystal jewelry from ethically self-mined materials. This jewelry is modern & bohemian and allows it’s owners to connect with nature in a genuine way. Tal & Bert is Val’s new company that uses scrap leather & materials from larger companies to cut down on waste and find a new purpose for things. They have women’s, men’s, & unisex items for sale. You can check out these products by clicking the links below!

Maverick Objects | Tal & Bert



Last year a friend took me to a place called The Ruins Project. I immediately fell in love. This year, Rachel, the woman behind this amazing concept & space contacted me to photograph some of her mosaic jewelry. She has a ridiculous eye for detail & a phenomenal skill for all things mosaic. You can see her skill in the tiniest details of her handmade jewelry pieces. Click below to learn more about Rachel, her jewelry, & The Ruins Project!

The Ruins Project | Sager Mosaics